The nagakoteswara viswaroopa is built as if Lord Siva himself descended on to this holy land from Kailasa to free the devotees from all the doshas and appeared before the devotees in the form of Shivalinga encircled by kalasarpa (Big Snake). This 101 feet sivalinga is situated at the Nagadri Hill on the southwest of Surendrapuri. On the Naga Panchami day of sri pardhiva year a 360 days (9 Mandalas) Nagakoti pooja was performed for the Naga-associated Siva idols made of pure ant hill mud. This pooja was done with sarpasookta and Subrahmanya ashtakshari mantra at the rate of one ashtakshari each month. .

Poojas are performed in the names of devotees for 41 days and the mud idols are dropped in the Mahashiv linga. By offering prayers to the Nagakoteswara swamy, devotees are freed from the ill effects of the Naga dosha, Kuja dosha and Kala Sarpa dosha. All the desires of the devotees are getting fulfilled by the worship of Naga Siva linga idols.

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